Jim Keenan Poet With A Point



The Tea Party Poet Laureate

Jim Keenan's parents were both legal immigrants so they taught him that The United States of America was the land of opportunity... NOT the land of entitlements.

You had the opportunity to work for whatever you wanted and if you worked hard enough, and were smart enough, and took advantage of the educational opportunities available to you, then you might get whatever you want. No guarantees!

So Jim didn't think it unusual to be earning his own spending money outside the home by age ten, and when he got his first "regular" job at fourteen, he was actually proud to be a contributing member of the family, paying for his own school expenses, clothes and spending money, and contributing "rent" to the household.

You see, Jim grew up in the South Bronx with the immigrant mentality of those immigrants who came into this country through the front door and understood that, even in the United States, nothing is free except opportunity and that you are only "entitled" to something after you have earned it.

His parents taught him by example to be grateful to be an American, to be loyal to our country, to respect our flag, and to cherish personal freedom and the opportunities it created.

Jim’s poems have always been born of an inner dialogue about some major life issue, an insight into human behavior or the human condition. It is only over the last decade that some of his poems have displayed a distinctly political point of view.

Not surprisingly, that point of view is based on the values with which he was imbued in his early years, and a deep concern and regret that those values which served to make our country a leader in the world are systematically being discarded or destroyed.

These are not romantic poems written to be read with soft music and candlelight as a backdrop. 

They cast the harsher light of reality on many of the issues facing our nation today. Perhaps they will help to focus a dialogue on what we have been, what we stand to lose, and what we must do to preserve our nation and our way of life.

Jim Keenan, CFP was not always a poet.

After graduating from Iona University he spent the next three decades working for fortune 500 companies before striking out on his own to participate in private business ventures and to write his first book “Ignorance Is Risk!” to warn the investing public of the developing problems in the securities industry.

He has traveled throughout North America, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom conducting business seminars and, to his knowledge, is the only member of the National Speakers Association who writes and incorporates incisive poetry to support his key points when delivering speeches or training.

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